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colored concrete pigment

Colored Concrete Pigment – What is it?

Integral Color for Any Indoor or Outdoor Concrete Project

Easy to Use, Rich, Vibrant Colors

Concrete Pigment Sample Kit

Integral color or colored concrete pigment is a way to add color to concrete before it is poured. Colored concrete pigment is easy to use, consistent and is perfect for a small or large DIY project.

Colored concrete pigment is available in 52 colors for gray-based concrete and 42 colors for white-based concrete, and can be used for multiple ways including stucco, mortar, grout, concrete countertops and concrete overlay. Colored concrete pigments are available specifically for gray-based or white-based concrete varieties because the base color of concrete is either gray or white.

Concrete Pigment Sample Size

The colored concrete pigment works by adding a specified amount to the concrete mixture before pouring the slab. The colored concrete pigment integrally colors the wet concrete throughout rather than just on the surface, so even if the concrete is damaged or worn the color will remain the same.

Direct Colors has created specific measurements for you to achieve the correct colored concrete pigment in our Coloring Pre-Bagged Ready Mix; however, we can also provide colored concrete pigment measurements for large projects that need a truck pour or custom projects. We also have project calculators to measure the correct colored concrete pigment necessary for your project here.

Our premium concrete pigments are a great option for a DIY project because they are high quality pigments that are weather resistant, UV stable, non-hazardous, water insoluble and they dry fast. A project using colored concrete pigment can be stamped, stenciled, textured and can be enhanced with a contrasting Liquid Colored Antique color.

Colored concrete pigment is safe to be used for indoor and outdoor projects. Our high-quality pigments can even act as a base color for you to accent using an acid stain or deco gel for accents. It is a great option if you’re looking for the “polished” surface look.  Our colored concrete pigments will never diminish due to the polishing process; it actually makes the surface smoother and makes the pigment more vibrant.

Colored concrete pigment is a fast and easy way to add a pop of color to your next DIY concrete project. View our client projects created using colored concrete pigment. If you’re interested in testing colored concrete pigments, we offer samples.

21 March 2013

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